Adeco as high reputation and proven track record for enabling its clients to resolve their security concerns and thereby reduce their personal and business risks. Our security solutions team design and suggest security solutions based on an organization’s specific requirements.

We deal with the security systems of leading manufacturers to ensure the advanced technologies and secure systems are implemented to meet the security challenges in commercial environments. Adeco end-users include medium enterprises, public sector organizations, retail chains, hotels, educational institutions, and other multinational companies with diverse worldwide operations. Our team is passionately committed to assist our clients achieve their security and safety goals with our high-end security surveillance systems. All incident of claims can be supported by video footages that can be automatically backed up for future reference, and these footages from integrated security system is even considered nowadays, as legally submissible evidence before the court of law. With remote tracking options, the business efficiencies of retail sector can be enhanced by monitoring the queues, car parking lots, in house store promotions etc. Options like automatic barrier arms offer enhanced security at entry and exit points of corporate houses, industrial units, parking lots, residential areas, toll points etc. Our team of experienced engineers will survey your premises and recommend the most appropriate solutions for your security needs like CCTV Consoles, Turnstiles, Intruder detection systems, Video surveillance systems, Access control systems etc.

  • Access Control systems
  • Visitor Management systems
  • Smartcard & Biometrics
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Burglar alarm systems
  • Motion detection systems
  • Smoke alarms
  • Barrier arms
  • Automatic Sensor doors
  • IP cameras and encoding solutions
  • Turnstiles, CCTV Consoles


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