Command centers and control rooms are highly specialized facilities that requires reliability, real-time monitoring and configuration flexibility. Adeco has effective solutions related to physical and audio visual aspects of design, implementation and management of control rooms. We focus on audio visual systems, as well as physical work space of control rooms such as modular work stations, room control consoles, industrial desks, video walls, overview screens etc. Adeco’s solutions include complete analysis, design, installation, commissioning and support of control rooms of sizes such as basic control rooms, incident control centers, remote operation centers and large command and control centers. Our team consider different factors such as comfort level of the operators, functional needs of the room environment, work style and technologies, while providing a professional control room design.

Adeco provides control room designs and consoles that perfectly compliments the functional requirements, needs in terms of work style, comfort and technologies, for a more focused work environment that enhances the overall experience of the operators working there. We deliver revolutionary solutions that are flexible, and which ensures crucial monitoring and control options to analyse the situations correctly.

  • Control room collaboration
  • Incident control rooms
  • Remote operations centers
  • Video wall controllers
  • Security command centers
  • Network operations centers
  • Industrial process control rooms
  • Defence command centers

United Arab shipping company Control Room
"NEC Video Wall”

Control Room Management

Control Room Management

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